158 Days To Go…Stretching Out

It has been a great week so far. Monday night we went to our first Bikram yoga class, which was incredible. Hopefully going to these classes will help keep us stretched out & strengthen muscles that are not receiving attention as we run.

Tuesday: We completed a 5.5mile run on the Spring Creek Trail in the dark, again, & this time we remember headlamps! Gift wrapping went well at Barnes & Noble & some really great people made donations.

Wednesday: A nice 3.5mile run was completed in possibly high 50F degree weather! Awesome. Another evening of gift wrapping completed as well.

Thursday: Today, woke up to at least 3 inches of snow on the ground & it’s continuing to fall as we write. Our run tonight will be a 6miles & we’re hoping that much of the snow is melted or at least the roads will be clear by then. Also, Stephanie will be at Barnes & Noble from 11:00am to 3:30pm today wrapping your gifts & accepting donations.

Please keep in mind when making a donation that Athletes in Tandem is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit that has a Federal Identification Number. When you file your taxes any donation you make is tax exempt. Please check the “About Us” page for that number!

Thanks again for your continued support & please help by spreading our site to your family & friends!

Andrew’s 1st Triathlon (He is on the right):
My Way or the Tri Way July 30, 2011 at Aurora Reservoir

Heading out for the bicycle stage


2 responses to “158 Days To Go…Stretching Out

  1. Also, don’t forget that some companies match up to 100% of their employees’ contribution! Now is a good time to max out your charitable contributions for 2011!

    What kind of footwear are you using? Any different gear being used in the snow? Are the two of you planning on running together the whole marathon or will you each do it at your own pace? What is your goal time or do you just want to finish the race?


  2. Thanks Mena! Fantastic tip, even made a new post!! As far as footwear, we just wear what’s comfortable. Haven’t switched to another pair yet. I think we should be able to get a few more months of training in them. Race goals, I believe we are currently planning on finishing at our own paces & not running together. We are both hoping to finish under 4hrs!!

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