152 Days To Go…Wrapped Up!

Thanks to all who came out & supported us at the Barnes & Noble gift wrapping fundraiser! We were able to reach out to many community members who were not aware of Athletes in Tandem & everyone was happy to donate to such an inspiring cause.

Training Update:

Monday- We went to Bikram yoga again downtown & warmed up quite a bit! If you haven’t taken a class yet, we highly recommend it. There is nothing like being outside when it’s 4F & then heading into a room that’s near 90F!

Tuesday- After another cold evening we decided to hit the gym & run on a treadmill for 6miles, complete a few ab exercises & made a little time for the sauna!

Wednesday- Temperatures are rising again here. I believe it’s up to 30F & we are heading out for a shorter run tonight.

Thank you again for all of the support & soon we will be posting corporate sponsorship opportunities.


4 responses to “152 Days To Go…Wrapped Up!

  1. What store do you guys get your running gear?

    • A variety of stores. We both happened to get our shoes from Jax Outdoors & then we have mostly had our other clothing (i.e. socks, shorts, pants & gloves) before we planned on doing the marathon. Do you have any good recommendations on where to find any piece of gear?

  2. N.W.Michigan Suppliers

    What a wonderful thing to do-great cause!!! wish you well and will be sending in company donation!

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