145 Days To Go…Dec. 20 at Whole Foods in Fort Collins

The days are quickly passing as we continue to train & fund-raise! We just got approved to be a charity Whole Foods Market donates 5% of their profits to for one day! We couldn’t be more excited! If you will be near Fort Collins, CO on December 20th please stop by Whole Foods Market & purchase something. We will be there from  10-4pm to answer any questions or just to say “hello” to.  There will be a post closer to the date to help you remember to stop by as well.

Training has been going fantastic. More miles have been added on our long days & even the weather has been cooperating for us to safely run outside! Noticed the other day that the Colorado Marathon has closed their registration for full marathon runners. Crazy, we’re excited to see how many people they accepted.

On our off days we have been going to Bikram yoga, as we have mentioned in earlier posts, & have just added cycling into the mix to give our knees/joints a rest. As you may guess, the roads can be quite tricky with ice & snow on them so we have set up a trainer (stand) inside our garage. Its been working out quite nicely.

Our workout log to the best of our knowledge:
Dec. 8= 4.5miles
Dec. 9= 30min run
Dec. 10= 11mile run!! Our longest so far & it went quite well.
Dec. 12= Biked inside for 45mins
Dec. 14= 5.5mile run
Dec. 15= 4.36mile run

New Tab!!!

You will notice by this Friday a new tab, which will be our sponsor/corporate sponsorship page. This will provide more information if you are interested in sponsoring Athletes in Tandem at various donation levels.

Thank you for the support & please help us spread the word by sharing our website with your friends~


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