125 Days To Go…Happy New Year!!

We hope you all have had the most wonderful start to the new year! Our training has stayed consistent throughout the holidays and we have managed to increase our long run mileage to 15miles! Quite a milestone for both of us, as it is the furthest we have both run.

Completing a long run like that can be quite exhausting, so in order to help curb our fatigued muscles we have begun experimenting with performance gels (i.e. GU, Honey Stinger gels & Clif Shots). Many of them are quite interesting to digest, but are hopefully helping our performance and boosting our energy. If you have any favorite brands or flavors we definitely open to suggestions! We have also been trying out a few different protein recovery mixes, that again have been interesting. When you read the packages description of how delicious the product is, I tend to get quite excited at the smoothie or shake-like substance the marketers have described, you get your hopes quite high & then quickly become killed at the first taste. When you mix it up the consistency and flavors can greatly vary, not always for the good, but they are manageable. Again, we would be interested in any feedback you have on recommendations!

As the new year is upon us so is our 20 week countdown to the marathon. Time has flown quickly since we signed up for the race and have begun training. Fortunately, we have been doing a great job staying on track with our runs, going to the gym to increase our muscle strength, heading to yoga to improve our flexibility and changing our diets to incorporate healthier and more beneficial foods. There are only 3 full months left until we reach the race date and as we continue to train hard we would like to thank all of our supporters for their generosity and kindness.

Please check back soon for another Featured Athlete!!

Recent Runs/Workouts:

12/31 – 15 miles!!!! Wow that was far & so hard in 60mph WINDS! Found ourselves literally being stopped by the wind.
1/1 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Enjoyed a soak in some natural hot springs.
1/2 – 3 miles easy run and short hike to a beautiful frozen waterfall with friends.
1/3 – 7 mile run on the Spring Creek pathway in 40F degree weather & went to the gym to strength train.
1/4 – 4 mile run in almost 50F degree weather here in Fort Collins.

Don’t forget, you can still donate until April 1st using the “Donate” button on the front page (right side of screen) or please feel free to send us a check made out to Athletes in Tandem. More information on donations and sponsorship can be found under the tab headings “Donate” & “Sponsors & Corporate Sponsorship Levels.”


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