108 Days To Go…Birthday Run

Yesterday we had a fantastic 18 mile run here in Fort Collins on Steph’s Birthday! Our longest run to date & it went pretty well for both of us. Fortunately, the weather was great & the winds were minimal. We had a busy week hitting the gym continuing our strength training exercises & working on our tempo runs. As we fly right into the last 15 weeks of training, our paces & motivation is beginning to pick up. We have already completed 3 months of training & a lot of hard work is still to come. We are both switching out of our first pairs of running shoes & breaking the second ones in, hoping this pair will last until the race. One question that has been on our mind is looking into a lighter race day shoe to possibly help our time and free our feet of some weight. What do you think? Any experience with lighter race day shoes for long runs?

Fundraising has been going quite well & we hope to achieve our goal before the race! If you are interested in donating, either personally or for your business please let us know, as all donations that would like to have any advertising done (i.e. logo on race shirts, websites or through media coverage) need to be received by the first week of April. We cannot thank our current supporters enough for all of their kind donations & we look forward to proudly wearing your logos while racing. Please check out our sponsors sites, which you can click on their logos to go to their homepage to find out more about them.

Don’t forget to browse to January 17th’s entry as Brian is the featured athlete & had a motivating experience with Athletes in Tandem. We would love to feature more athletes that have participated & if you could contact us with your story & photos we would greatly appreciate your help.

If you would like to make a donation today, please click on the “Donate” button on the upper left hand side of the screen or send us a check! For more information click on the “Donate” tab near the top of the page. Off for a semi-relaxing day at the gym, dip in the hot tub & hitting up the stores for a new pair of shoes~

Happy Birthday Stephanie!



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