86 Days To Go…AiT Has Been Busy


Time keeps running away from us very quickly here. Cannot believe we only have less than 100 days left until the race, winter will hopefully be on its way out soon & Athletes in Tandem has been competing in many events lately!

Athletes in Tandem participant PJ Synder ran his first 10k at the Yeti Chase on January 28th! Way to go PJ!!

AJ Novotny decided to race in the Ralstan Creek Half Marathon on Sunday, Feb. 12, even though the weather was a balmy 13F degrees!

Nice work out there AJ & Dennis!

On Saturday, Feb. 11, Nick, PJ, Andrew and Zachary will be running in the Loveland Sweetheart Classic 4 miler! Haven’t received photos yet, but will be posting them as soon as we get them! One more piece of news, James and Libby Waechter were invited to “drop the puck” at the Colorado Eagles hockey game on Valentines Day! Both are Athletes in Tandem participants, so if you’re at the game keep your eye out for them & a big thanks to Water Valley in Windsor for this opportunity.

Video from the puck drop:


During this last week we ran some 4, 6 & 8 milers. Switching it up from hills, flats & intervals. Sunday we set out in the 14F degree weather & put in our long run of 18miles. I felt fantastic physically & mentally the whole run, although the last 1.5 miles I did begin to feel a bit of tiredness I think that is only expected though. Graham felt great going out, but had to stop mid way as he had some pain on the side of his knee. Hopefully recovery will not take very long for him. This week we will be doing a similar running plan, we’ll include more strength training exercises especially for our quads, IT bands and hamstrings) & going to yoga again.

Thank you to all of our supporters & if you too would like to donate, please click on the upper right “Donate” button on the page or browse to our “Donate” tab to send a check.


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