48 Days To Go…Less Than 10 Weeks & Personal Goal Reached!

Group shot from St. Patty’s Day Sharin the Green 5K

Spring Has Sprung:

What an incredible spring this has turned out to be! We couldn’t be happier with the amazing weather we have been having. Running outside is the way to go for us & without the typical snow & ice we had been getting for a few weeks, there hasn’t been much running done on treadmills in quite a while now. This last Saturday we had a fantastic 18 mile run. Graham stayed near town as he only had a timed run & recovery followed immediately by a 50 mile bike ride to give his IT band a break, but to keep building his endurance. I, Stephanie, headed out east of Fort Collins to take advantage of all of the dirt roads that have very little traffic on them. While I run out east it’s mostly farm land with quite an array of livestock. It’s been fun running past horses, alpacas, sheep & just a few cows (thank goodness! Since their pasture odors can be pretty hard to handle at times). A change of scenery has been fantastic these past few weekends, but we’re finding the temperatures have been heating up pretty quickly in the morning which means beginning runs about 2 hours earlier in the morning on Saturdays. Fortunately, this will begin to give us good practice getting up & running early in the morning, since we normally don’t do that. Our race begins at 6 am, I believe, so we have a number of weekend prior to it to practice getting up & running first thing!

Goal Reached!:

Not sure if you have noticed the goal thermometer on the right hand side of the page, but we REACHED our personal goal! We couldn’t be more excited to have reached it in support of an amazing organization. Thank you to all of our family, friends & amazing sponsors Absolute Performance Chiropractic & Whole Foods Market for your continued support! It’s been since high school for both of us since we had to last raise any funds. Participating in different events & communicating with friends, family & businesses has been a really good experience & surely beats having to sell anything to receive donations. We will continue to take donations through the paypal Donate button at the top of the page & receive checks at the address listed under the Donate tab through the end of April. There is a possibility we will keep this site updated past the race to feature new athletes that participate with Athletes in Tandem & other stories & news. So keep an eye out & remember to check back after May! If you are interested in getting your name, personally created logo or business logo on our T-shirts that we will run in or on the website here & the official Athletes in Tandem site, we would like to have your $200-$500 donation (depending on how you’d like to be seen/advertise) by April 5th, 2012. We would like to ensure we have your logo screen printed correctly on our shirts & in order for this to happen we’ like to give the screen printing place a few weeks time. Please feel free to contact us (stephanieprandall @ yahoo dot com) if you’d like to make arrangements for payments(donations) that fit you or your business or if you have questions about sponsoring Athletes in Tandem for the year or beyond!


We thought it would be fun to post a fun interactive question with all of you who visit our site here. Once you answer the question you can see the poll results immediately & see if others have been out & about this unusual spring~

AiT St. Patty Day 5K Race:

For St. Patty’s Day, Athletes in Tandem took to the cobble-stone & participated in the Sharin of the Green 5k! Zachary Scott, James & Libby Waechter all participated in the event, along with Jim West & David Gallaway. They had a delightful time on a gorgeous day & below are a few photos from the event.

Libby & her partner Hannah~

James, with Brad & Wendy escorting him~

Zachary & Don~

David with Jessica~

Libby, James & Zachary with Hannah, Wendy, Don & Dennis~


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