37 Days To Go… Featured Athlete Zachary & Things Are Heating Up!

Featured Athlete: Zachary

We wanted to first thank Mr. & Mrs. Yocum for their kind & generous donation they made to Athletes in Tandem! They are the sweet grandparents of Zachary this posts featured athlete.

Zachary, we just found out, has competed in 32 events with Athletes in Tandem! That’s pretty amazing, considering the organization has only been around for 3 years! Way to go Zachary & family! Below are some kind words from Zachary’s Mother talking about Athletes in Tandem involvement in his/their lives;

“You may never know what it means to me as a mom of an 18 yr with severe disabilities to hear that he was able to participate in a race, and was supported by a community of people who are equally committed to making a difference in the world one day at a time. I am more and more convinced that it is simply the power of love that can transform our world. I woke up this morning with an overwhelming sense of grace.

In the spirit of full transparency, I have to tell you that you may be having more impact than you realize.  By inviting Zachary to compete Sunday, I am inspired to walk an hour this afternoon and go to the gym tomorrow!  (After all, if our son is an athlete, than I want to be one too!)”

If you are interested in reading more about athletes that are training & running with Athletes in Tandem head over to Susan Strong’s blog. She is paired with Zachary to walk the Colorado Half Marathon. She will be sharing great stories of training with each other & the courage & enthusiasm Zachary brings to competitions! http://heartcrossedpaths.wordpress.com/


We are just about 5 weeks away from the marathon & cannot wait! We have been putting in so much time & energy to ensure we have the endurance & strength to keep us pushing to the finish line! The temperatures here have been heating up in a hurry & long Saturday runs have been getting earlier as the month goes by. Last weekend we had a 22 mile run, out east of town again, & it was a pretty difficult one. The gentle rolling hills always seem to surprise me & the lack of shade continues to be sparse. Running out of water seems to be a continuing issue as we run, particularly the last 3-4 miles left of the run. We typically run with two water bottles on runs over 18 miles, but are quickly finding out that 3 is definitely the answer. The marathon website just posted their aid station locations & mile markers & hopefully that will be enough to carry us through without carrying water on ourselves.

This weekend will be a bit of a shorter run of 16 miles, next weekend will pick up to the 20’s again, but about 3-4 weeks from now we’ll finally get to begin to taper down. Which means not pushing your body as hard during your weekly runs and cutting the mileage back in order to let you body fully recover & prepare itself for the race. We’re both pretty excited for that phase to begin & have already scheduled massages for a few days after the race to help our bodies recover! Definitely looking forward to that!


We are so grateful to all who have supported & donated to Athletes in Tandem during our fund-raising efforts! There is still time to get your logo on our shirt, websites, banners & out into the media for the rest of this years races. We are asking to receive your business or your own creative logo by April 6th, 2012 to ensure the design is properly displayed for the marathon in May. If you happen to miss the deadline, no worries, this site will still be in operation & we will continue to accept donations & advertise for the rest of the races/events throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Looking to Donate?  

Hit the top right yellow button on the page that says “Donate” it will take you to a secure Paypal site or send us a check. Look under the “Donate” tab at the top middle of the page for it & you will find an address to send it to. Again, 100% of your donations are going to Athletes in Tandem funding*!

*except the small percentage Paypal takes out for credit card fees.

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