17 Days To Go…Thank You, Final Push & New Partnership

*John with Dennis pushing him in the HITS Naples Olympic Distance Triathlon in January 2012

Thank You! 

We first want to start off by thanking Mr. & Mrs. Harrett, dear family friends in MI, for a wonderful & kind donation they sent to support Athletes in Tandem! It’s truly incredible to have such a strong network of support from many of our friends, family & local businesses. Graham & I have also made a donation & we couldn’t be more excited to have surpassed our original goal of $2000.00. Since we have not had to raise any money since high school fund-raisers, we really were not sure if we could even make our goal, but WE DID! Raising funds & awareness for Athletes in Tandem has been a great experience. Learning more about the organization & getting to know the people who participate has been truly inspiring in itself.


We couldn’t be happier at this point, besides when we cross the finish line, to be in the final weeks of training. It has been a long journey & has been the first in a long time that we have had to put forth so much effort & rearrange our lives to train for something that is so physically demanding. It is no small feat to take on training for a marathon. To all of those who have run one or trained & had to back out midway through your training because of an injury we salute you! In order to train successfully you should try to have a positive spirit & incredible drive throughout many months in order to cross that finish line.

The past few weeks have been filled with great shorter distance runs, tempo/speed work, strength training & wonderful long distance runs under 20 miles (FINALLY!!!). It’s a nice change of pace to be in the taper stage of training. Again, tapering is where the last, roughly, 3 weeks before a race you begin to shorten your training runs & really focus on letting your body be fully recovered & energized before your big race. What a difference in mind-set we have developed after running many 8, 10 & 16 mile weekly runs to 3, 6 & 12 mile weekly runs. Those shorter distance miles go by so much quicker & at times they seem like a walk in the park! It’s been fun thinking back to when we first began training & an 8 mile run would be the longest distance we ran on Saturdays.  The longest we ran was a 24 mile run on a Saturday & boy that was a long one!

Athletes in Tandem Update: 

If you happen to be near Fort Collins on June 2nd & are interested in a trail race at Soderberg Open Space, contact Athletes in Tandem to sign-up. This race will be hosted by AiT & all entry fees will go towards supporting their efforts.

A new collaboration has formed with Spina Bifida of Texas to compete with three athletes at the HITS Marble Falls Sprint/Olympic distance triathlon on April 28th! Spina Bifida Texas is the only organization solely committed to serving individuals affected by Spina Bifida in Central & South Texas.
Their Mission, “To improve the lives of those affected by Spina Bifida and to promote it’s prevention through Folic Acid awareness.” To find more information about their efforts head over to http://www.sbatx.org/.

On March 24, Rob ran from Boulder to Fort Collins to help raise awareness & funds for Athletes in Tandem! That’s roughly 67 miles of running in one period of time, stellar work Rob!

Great work gang!

Thanks again to all of our supporters & we look forward to crossing that finish line soon!


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