11 Hours & Counting…

Looks as though we’ve finally made it! The race is roughly 11 hours away from the START! Cannot wait to see what 6 months of training can do for us. We are getting really excited to see some familiar faces throughout the race, especially Athletes in Tandem participants Zachary & Susan!!

The past few days we’ve been taking things quite easy, stuffing ourselves full of protein, carbs & of course lots of water. During the race there are aid stations that are stocked with water, energy drinks & energy gu’s about every 3 miles throughout the course, along with port-a-potties too. Athletes in Tandem will have 2 aid stations that they are volunteering at, one when we get to mile 3 & we cannot wait to see everyone at their next aid station at mile 19! It will be at the crest of the only hill we have to climb & from there on out it will be flat & we will be looking to “hopefully” pick up the pace in those last 7 miles.

We thought it would be fun to show you all of our race gear that we have set out here-

If you are wondering what we’ll be wearing you can see for yourself-

Some of our amazing supporters can be found the back & front/side of our shirts we’ll be wearing-

Thank you so much to all of our friends, family, local & out of state businesses that have been such strong supporters through this whole process. Your encouragement will be echoing throughout our heads as we push through 26.2 miles tomorrow morning. Also, to all of our AMAZING friends that will be getting up at the crack of dawn to cheer us on (Kris, Roy, Rachel & Aspen)!!! We CANNOT wait to see you around mile 18!!

If you are wondering about nerves & anxiety of starting the race, we definitely have butterflies, but it hasn’t been too bad trying to focus on other things to help subdue those thoughts. I’m hoping the pre-race jitters will be gone by mile 5. Perhaps then the group will be spread out a bit, there are over 1,000 people running the marathon.

Well we cannot wait to post on Monday to let you know how we felt, if we placed ;), & how getting up at 3:00am was. Buses load between 4:00-4:45am & yes we are getting to bed before 8:00pm tonight.

Thanks again everyone. It’s time to run!

Check out this great video from last years marathon


3 responses to “11 Hours & Counting…

  1. Best Of luck and ENJOY

    Mary Yocumi

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